What's new
Here's what is new on Threads:
  • Updated formatting bar
  • Quickly select multiple threads
  • Set a custom time for a request or follow up
Updated formatting bar
Access the tools for any text formatting you need to do on a thread by clicking
on the bottom of the thread. You can also click
to insert an attachment, divider, or link to another thread or forum.
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Quickly select multiple threads
Do you have a lot of notifications in your inbox? Now it's easy to dismiss all the ones you want to at one time. Select the thread at the top of the selection, and then hit
and click on the last one you want to select, and everything in between them will be automatically selected.
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Set a custom time for a request or follow up
Set any due date and time when you request a response from someone, or when you decide to follow up on a thread later.
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